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Tacitus XXIV


M.A. Columbia University
B.Sc. Technical University of Munich


Passionate about Machine Learning and Applied Mathematics


Resources I created throughout my studies

About Me

My dream once was to walk the Magnolia Lane in Augusta to play the great golf Masters. In 15,000 hours I worked the handicap out of my game.

Each day I examined another aspect in myself and became more industrious. I owe a lot to the game as I know today, not only self-control.

My teenage years with ancient Greek philosophy had remarkable impact on my sport. Plato was right: 'The first and greatest victory is to conquer oneself'.

Now I will use machine learning techniques, applied mathematics, and statistics to develop algorithms and models and predict market movements. Let us uncover and capture opportunities.

Programming languages, Skills

Machine Learning, SQL, Git, Mathematics, CSS, LaTeX, UML, Pandas, Numpy, Seaborn, Scrum, Terminal, Wordpress, HTML

Swift, C++, Python, Java, C, R, MATLAB, VBA, Javascript, PHP (in order of proficiency)

Frameworks: Vapor (Server-side-swift), Apple Vision, Ruby on Rails


Baruch College New York: C++ for Financial Engineering with Academic Distinction

Bloomberg Market Concepts

HackerRank: SQL - Advanced

Tutor Operations Research

Teaching areas:
1. Linear optimization
2. Integer optimization
3. Graph theory and combinatorial optimization
4. Nonlinear optimization
5. Game theory

TUM Ninja

Fullstack development of the TUM Ninja iOS-App.
The app offers exercises and workouts that specifically prepare users for this parkour and the app encourages users to integrate more movement into their everyday study-routine.

M.A. Transcript of records

Mathematics with a specialization in the Mathematics of Finance


Machine Learning for Finance

Stochastic Processes – Applications I

Statistical Inference / Time-Series Modelling

Introduction to the Mathematics of Finance


Statistical Machine Learning

Programming for Quantitative & Computational Finance

Numerical Methods In Finance

Stochastic Methods in Finance


Mathematical Methods in Financial Price Analysis

Mathematical Finance Practicioner's Seminar

B. Sc. Transcript of records

Information Systems


Introduction to Object Oriented Programming (6 ECTS)

Practical Course: Fundamentals of Programming (6 ECTS)

Introduction to Business Computer Science (5 ECTS)

Financial Accounting and Reporting (6 ECTS)


Fundamentals of Algorithms and Data Structures (6 ECTS)

Introduction to Software Engineering (6 ECTS)

Information Technology and Society (5 ECTS)

Cost Accounting (6 ECTS)

Linear Algebra for Computer Science (8 ECTS)


Fundamentals of Databases (6 ECTS)

Software Engineering for Business Applications (5 ECTS)

Investment and Financial Management (6 ECTS)

Macroeconomics 1 (6 ECTS)

Discrete Mathematics (8 ECTS)

Leadership of High-Tech Organizations (3 ECTS)


Analysis for Informatics (8 ECTS)

Empirical Research Methods (6 ECTS)

Operations Research (6 ECTS)

Statistics (with R) (6 ECTS)

Introduction to Computer Networking and Distributed Systems (6 ECTS)

Seminar: Ethics for Nerds (Paper: Blockchain from an Ethical Perspective) (5 ECTS)

Macroeconomics 2 (6 ECTS)


Practical Course: iOS Software Engineering (10 ECTS)

Middleware and Distributed Systems (5 ECTS)

Seminar: Collective Agency in sociotechnical systems
(Essay: Smart Contracts: Actually that smart?) (3 ECTS)

Korean A1 (3 ECTS)

Spanish A1 (3 ECTS)


Bachelor's Thesis and Presentation in Information Systems:

Development and Assessment of a Mobile Machine Learning Golf Analysis Application (25 ECTS)

(Mobile computer vision and deep CNN's)


Projects I'm working on

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  • Educational
  • Academic
  • Personal

Operations Research TA

Tutorial for the TUM-Course Operations Research IN0024.

Machine Learning for Finance TA

Graduate teaching assistant for the Columbia University ML for Finance grad course.

RL Trading Bot

AI trading bot that can buy, sell and hold stocks using deep Q-Learning.

Predicting stock prices

One-step and multi-step forecasting of AAPL using LSTM networks.

TUM Ninja iOS App

Complements the use of the exercise-facilities on the TUM-ZHS campus.

ML AR Sports App

Striving to prevent injuries among recreational athletes with Computer Vision.


It-based startup for the health industry.


New York

114th St
10025 New York


Schiffbauerdamm 5
10117 Berlin


+1 (646) 233-6273
+49 911 999 6 999